Ryder Cup Team excuse press conference

Well wasn’t that nice to see Phyllis and the Accountant consoling, protecting and defending Hunter Mayhititfat…I guess its the right thing to do…BTW Mayhititfat going to tears because he choked was a bit much…what he should have done is jump ugly on his bitch teammates who couldn’t get 1/2 extra point for him…instead they left him alone in a foreign country in front of 50,000 screaking socialists to deliver the goods…yeah he choked but if the Accountant doesn’t three jack on 15 or puke on his shoes from 7 feet on 17, we win the Cup…the Midget should have gotten in front of this and asked everybody on the team who went undefeated to raise their hands…then told the Press the team lost, not Mayhititfat…


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