BBDR week 3…playing catch-up

FJM made use of the DVR to catch up on BBDR and this post brings us right up to date.  Let’s jump right in:

Best looking babe: Elena in a whire fedora. FJM couldn’t find a photo for this post but trust me…pure smoke. FJM doesn’t even care anymore that she is yappy and doesn’t know how to play golf.

Stephanie Sparks: Our girl looks tremendous in black…8.4

Plotline: Teams are tied at 1 point each. Sara has unfortunately come down with a flu bug or perhaps nerves after her major chokatation from week 2…fortunately Team Ovary was there to console her

In the team competition, the girls couldn’t hit lob shots to save their lives and the guys were not much better. Honestly the golf on this show just sucks…I mean FJM can bring some game and could crush these idiots…of course FJM also looks like 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag so the Q score would suffer…although along those lines, Lori is hanging in…the men won the team challenge when Brian managed to hit a 60 yard wide fairway off the tee…one hand clap for that…in the individual challenge, Lori (there she goes again) and Blair teamed up to beat Blake and the Mayor’s kid in a three hole playoff…they did it by shockingly making an alternate shot  birdie (first one of the competition)…this was the first sign of golf ability of the show.

Biggest Choke: Brenda the blarney bird from Ireland took about 7 tries to get the ball over the flop wall thereby killing her match…she just sucks.

Dumbest comment: In setting their order for the team competition, the men selected the Mayor’s kid to go last…he replied…”Bringing up the rear, that’s what I’m good at”…I mean FJM’s ass puckered when he said it.

Results: Team Ovary now leads 2 challenges to 1. the Mayor’s kid and Blake are benched for next week.

Next week, FJM promises to comment on Team Ovary christening themselves the “Glossy Posse”…


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