Big Break Dominican Republic week 2 synopsis…more Golf Channel nonsense

Big FJM hello to all.

From week 1, Brenda the irish bird was benched for week 2…unfortunately she was still given camera time on the week 2 show….Results after week 1 have the men up 1 challenge on team ovary…Best part of the show so far for FJM is the opening of the show which has Elena emerging from a pool in her bikini..FJM has made use of the freeze frame on the DVR a couple of times. Here’s the breakdown from week 2:

Stephanie Sparks: FJM Bumpnrunner # 7 rates a 7.4 for a lavender top and khaki shorts

Best looking babe: Christina.

Dumbest comment. William knicknamed “football”in the show but reminds me more of Drama from Entourage: “I likeda that shot”…really? this guy’s from Virginia but he sounds like he’s from the southernmost rural tip…

Biggest choke. Hard to calculate. Brian who must be a serial masturbator the way he grinds on himself and Blake, who looks like a young less of a douchebag Jim Furyk both missed a 100 yard wide fairway in the challenges match. Anthony (AROD) did his Hunter Mayhititifat impersonation and chilidipped a wedge on the same hole…but the choker of the week unfortunately goes to Sara. who three jacked from 8 feet to let the men sneak into extra holes for the team challenge…well done Sara…further proof that there is only one reason you are on the team:


Clutch player of the week. This is a no doubt about this call. Lori from team Ovary has been money…she closed out the the Mayor’s kid (Andrew Guiliani) in the extra hole of the team championship and then put Dave on the bench in the indiviual challenge…without Lori, Team Ovary might as well stay in the condo and have pillow fights with each other…which if the Golf Channel wanted to improve ratings, they would schedule filming immediately

Biggest disapointment for FJM was Elena choking. Coming out the pool on the opening she is all full of promise…but turms out she can’t play and she’s kind of yappy…

BTW…2 weeks in and nobody has holed a shot or made a birdie…which means the show should be called: “Big break Dominican Republic, these guys suck.”

Results: Team challenge is tied after week 2…Dave is on the bench for Team Testicle for week 3

Fairways and greens


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